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2022 Shipping/Receiving Salaries


The following shipping/receiving salaries are provided complements of WageAccess®.

The WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is an innovative Internet-based multi-industry salary survey that provides state-of-the-art customized results for over 975 benchmark job descriptions in numerous regions and cities across the United States. To view a list of positions included in WageAccess®, click here.


Shipping/Receiving Salaries (Annual Base Pay)

  National Average1 Current Rates
Job Title
Traffic Clerk 3 $41,611   $45,387   $47.594   $53.039   sign-up now
Receiving Supervisor $45,636   $45,619   $45,417   $45,587   sign-up now
Receiving Inspector $33,197   $34,765   $32,533   $31,907   sign-up now
Shipping Supervisor $47,609   $47,836   $48,847   $50,091   sign-up now
Shipping Clerk 1 $30,580   $32,034   $31,835   $31,510   sign-up now
Fleet Manager $64,532   $65,986   $65,429   $66,838   sign-up now
Dispatcher $24,412   $24,403   $24,282   $25,364   sign-up now
Truck Driver $20,116   $20,582   $19,869   $19,906   sign-up now
Over the Road Driver $42,409   $43,762   $42,683   $43,110   sign-up now

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1Source: WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey, the shipping/receiving salary data from the WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is provided as a historical sample of data that has been collected through the salary survey over the past five years. These positions, along with other popular shipping/receiving salary survey positions can be found in the WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey results.



Shipping/Receiving Salaries last updated January 2022

Administrative Banking Broadcasting Construction Customer Service Education/Child Care
Engineering Facilities Finance Food Preparation Health Care Hospitality
Human Resources Information Technology Insurance Legal Library Manufacturing
Marketing Nonprofit/Social Services Purchasing/Materials Quality Assurance/Control Restaurant Retail
Sales Shipping/Receiving