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2022 Hospitality Salaries


The following hospitality salaries are provided complements of WageAccess®.

The WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is an innovative Internet-based multi-industry salary survey that provides state-of-the-art customized results for over 975 benchmark job descriptions in numerous regions and cities across the United States. To view a list of positions included in WageAccess®, click here.


Hospitality Salaries (Annual Base Pay)

  National Average1 Current Rates
Job Title
Front Desk Manager $50,467   $48,116   $50,468   $52,189   sign-up now
Front Desk Clerk $23,736   $24,641   $24,451   $24,499   sign-up now
Concierge $27,046   $25,225   $27,569   $29,929   sign-up now
Valet Attendant $22,285   $23,716   $23,701   $23,637   sign-up now
Room Reservation Clerk $31,842   $30,256   $27,561   $28,493   sign-up now
Housekeeping Supervisor 2 $36,847   $36,824   $37,286 $39,160   sign-up now
Guest Room Attendant $26,040   $23,457   $22,998   $22,980   sign-up now
Laundry Worker 1 $24,737   $25,049   $24,110   $22,421   sign-up now
Catering Manager $46,885   $45,360   $43,432   $44,193   sign-up now
Banquet Captain $31,530   $36,098   $41,203   $38,193   sign-up now
Convention Services Manager $48,975   $48,059   $53,374   $55,303   sign-up now
Convention Porter $32,001   $33,801   $23,400   $22,395   sign-up now

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1Source: WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey, the hospitality salary data from the WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is provided as a historical sample of data that has been collected through the salary survey over the past five years. These positions, along with other popular hospitality salary survey positions can be found in the WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey results.



Hospitality Salaries last updated January 2022

Administrative Banking Broadcasting Construction Customer Service Education/Child Care
Engineering Facilities Finance Food Preparation Health Care Hospitality
Human Resources Information Technology Insurance Legal Library Manufacturing
Marketing Nonprofit/Social Services Purchasing/Materials Quality Assurance/Control Restaurant Retail
Sales Shipping/Receiving